Today’s economies are changing like never before. Emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies and sustainability policies have compelled all sector leaders to refocus their strategies. The tires industry is no exception.

At DHL, we believe in driving the industry forward, effectively tackling the key challenges of our times. Because you need a strong, proactive logistics partner, we never stand still; we are always powering ahead
Be In the Know
The need to minimize disruption, forecast demand and better manage operations can be very challenging.  Our tools give you a near real-time view of inventory positions, warehouse and transport order and delivery statuses
Be Cost-competitive
We can help you to transform your supply chain to be lean and green with our shared facilities, collaborative distribution, environmental initiatives and continuous improvement culture. 
Be Agile
Your customers’ expectations are changing.  We understand the need for speed and agility. From direct truckloads and milkruns to sprinters, we will fulfil small order sizes and fragmented drop points across cities and remote areas.
Meeting Your Transport Challenges  

Adapting to changing consumer demand requires the ability to respond to complex order fulfilment with high levels of service and reliability, while keeping cost per unit low.

Orchestrated using DHL’s Connected Control Towers, we provide an agile end-to-end solution across raw materials, inter-plant, inbound to manufacturing and replacement tire flows. From full truckloads to just one or two tires, we ensure you meet your customers’ expectations on time, every time.
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Growth of premium tires, circular economy, and supply chain visibility – find out why these opportunities and challenges are keeping Vince Millar, APAC Auto-mobility Sector Lead, up at night.

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Vince Millar, Auto-mobility Sector Lead Asia Pacific

With more than 20 years of automotive supply chain experience, Vince has supported in delivering value to many global automotive and tire companies.