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In our newest podcast episode, we talked with Katie Date, Leader of the Women in Supply Chain Initiative, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Center for Transportation & Logistics, and Alicemarie Geoffrion, President of Packaging, DHL Supply Chain. During their conversation, they touch on topics ranging from work-life balance to how to navigate a male-dominated industry as a woman.
Meet Our Host 

Will Heywood is the Vice President of Strategy, Marketing, and Product Development at DHL Supply Chain. He has over 14 years of experience in the supply chain industry and has been the host of “All Business. No Boundaries.” since season 1.
Season 4 

This season, we explore digitalization initiatives, speak with supply chain reporters, and explore the importance of diverse ideas in the supply chain industry.
Season 3

This season, we explored our innovation strategy discussing solutions such as assisted picking robotics, Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robot, and autonomous trucks. We also welcomed discussions around the complex liquor control supply chain and the impact of women in logistics. Explore all our season 3 episodes here. 
Season 2 

This season, we welcomed a wide range of conversations from supply chain programs at top universities, a discussion with the CEO of Advanced Drainage Systems about the importance of supply chain, and the first deployment of autonomous forklifts in North America. Explore all our season 2 episodes here. 
Season 1 

In our first season, we examine the importance of supporting women in the supply chain industry, engaging in sustainable business practices, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supply chain industry. Explore all our season 1 episodes here. 
Bonus Episodes

Our bonus episodes include recorded conversations from industry events and other thought leadership content. Explore our bonus episodes here. 
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Full Episode I Full Speed Ahead: Breaking Barriers to Autonomous Trucking with Volvo

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