DHL’s Logistics Trend Radar 6.0 charts 40 key social, business and technology trends set to impact your world
The importance of supply chains in connecting people and improving lives has never been more widely acknowledged. On an unprecedented level, we are seeing businesses transform logistics from a quiet back-office operation into a strategic asset and value driver. At DHL, we believe that success in this new era requires innovation, inspiration, open exchange, and deep collaboration.

The Logistics Trend Radar (LTR) is an industry-leading tool for identifying and implementing the most impactful trends for the logistics and supply chain industry across a variety of business disciplines. Since the last edition in 2020, the LTR has grown from 29 to 40 trends.

New trends on the Radar include Circularity, Next-Generation Packaging, Indoor Mobile Robots, Smart Labels, Digital Marketplaces, Alternative Energy Solutions, and many more.
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