Are you a small or medium-sized e-commerce business? With the DHL European Fulfillment Network, you can easily book into our network of 30 fulfillment centers. We enable faster delivery to your customers. Your customers will be delighted and so will you.

How it works

Online order

Your customer’s online order is sent to a DHL Supply Chain fulfillment center, where your productsare stored.


The DHL Supply Chain team quickly picks & packs the order.


Your order is delivered by best-in-class carriers in all markets.

E-commerce is accelerating.
We've got the speed you need

In the world of e-commerce, customer service is everything. A recent Accenture survey revealed 56% of consumers would permanently drop an online retailer that didn’t meet their service expectations. And consumers increasingly expect next-day delivery from retailers Europe-wide.

Until now, that kind of scale and speed have been out of reach for all but the most dominant of e-comm retailers. DHL European Fulfillment Network is set to change that. We’re sharing the power of a super-charged supply chain, to give every online retailer a chance to shine. Next day? No problem!


  • Fast onboarding and free implementation in any of our European sites
  • 30 State of the art facilities ready to welcome you
  • Frontend and backend agnostic, easily integrating via API; integration to key web-shops established
  • Digital dashboards set-up to provide state of the art transparency for your business
  • 500+ customers using DHL fulfillment services
  • Next-day delivery to your customers in key European markets
  • Scale-up your service quickly when and where you need to
  • Keep your costs under control with transparent pay-per-order pricing
  • Track every order from point of purchase to customer doorstep
  • Use the best carriers in your market to meet your delivery promises and sustainability ethos
  • The product is a fit for businesses with minimum 10.000 shipments per year
  • Benefit from the top quality and high reliability of DHL, the leading logistics brand

Now’s the time to ramp up your e-comm capabilities.

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